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It’s Over, It’s Finished!

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Well, I am pleased to say that my final project is finally finished and is turned in! 4 weeks of blood sweat and tears (okay maybe not blood but there was a fair amount of sweat and almost some tears). I am actually very proud of this project and my favorite part is the ending. I can’t show it to the world because my family hasn’t even seen it (hey I just turned it in!) but I can tell you a little bit about it. You see, I really love television shows and movies and I will say that I kind of modeled it after what would be a series finale of a tv show. Kind of like this. Or even like this. If you didn’t cry for either of these endings, you have no heart. I wanted to make it nostalgic and something that is close to me. The part that I was very excited that came together is I got people that know me describe me in one word. Much like this. And like these people, some blurred what “one word” meant. So yes I did get called “Exactly Half of an 11-pound Black Forest Ham” (and if you can get that reference, 10 points for you!)


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