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The End

Well, everybody, it’s time to bow out. Take a curtain call. Sing this song. This is my last post because the semester is now over. Well, almost. We still need to go through exams. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my photography posts. I know they were a little scattered but sometimes that’s just how my brain is. But, if you want some great photography articles, I’ll point you to here because they have a lot of great things. 

Anyways, Merry Christmas everyone! 


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It’s Over, It’s Finished!

Well, I am pleased to say that my final project is finally finished and is turned in! 4 weeks of blood sweat and tears (okay maybe not blood but there was a fair amount of sweat and almost some tears). I am actually very proud of this project and my favorite part is the ending. I can’t show it to the world because my family hasn’t even seen it (hey I just turned it in!) but I can tell you a little bit about it. You see, I really love television shows and movies and I will say that I kind of modeled it after what would be a series finale of a tv show. Kind of like this. Or even like this. If you didn’t cry for either of these endings, you have no heart. I wanted to make it nostalgic and something that is close to me. The part that I was very excited that came together is I got people that know me describe me in one word. Much like this. And like these people, some blurred what “one word” meant. So yes I did get called “Exactly Half of an 11-pound Black Forest Ham” (and if you can get that reference, 10 points for you!)

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Photo Shoots: What to Wear

As we come into that time of year when we are sending out Christmas cards, we think about doing those personal cards with a picture of your whole family. What lots of people don’t know is what to wear for photo shoots. So here are some guidelines:

1. Coordinate. I’m talking similar patterns, colors, etc. You wouldn’t want someone wearing red plaid stand next to someone with a pink striped shirt. Eyes would burn. Seriously.

2. Don’t Go Matchy-Matchy. Seriously, that’s just tacky. You don’t want to end up as that family.

3. Choose Colors Wisely. Choose colors that compliment each other. This is a good starting place. Sometimes it’s easy to start with a staple color or piece of clothing such as blue jeans. Also, choose colors that don’t wash out such as a bright yellow or white in harsh daytime. 

4. Personalize. I know this is the most cliche thing to say but, be yourself. Add your own little bit of flair such as a necklace or a pair of shoes.

5. Be Reasonable. In other words, dress for the weather and occasion. Don’t wear a mini skirt in 30 degree weather. And heaven forbid, wearing mini skirts with Ugg boots. I promise, I will just leave if anyone does that to me. And I will probably take your money with me. You have been warned. Just don’t do it. 

6. Be comfortable. You have to be comfortable in your own skin. Uncomfortableness translates on camera. You can tell if someone is uncomfortable. And wear things that make you look good. 

Those are my six guidelines. It seems a lot but this is a much better list and more detail. Happy Photos!

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Dangers In Photography

You’re probably thinking “there’s dangers?” Well, it depends on what field of photography that you get into. For example, war photography is dangerous. A war photographer has to actually go into the places that the soldiers go into and document it. Sometimes, however, a soldier would be the documenter. Even with travel photography, you have to be careful where you go. Some places are extremely dangerous and you also have to watch and learn customs because you can get into some trouble if you don’t. 

We’ve seen, throughout history, those images that make us think “how did they do that?” or “how did they get that close?” and you have to be willing to get in the thick of things and sometimes you may have to pay the consequences. But sometimes, the price pays off because you can get a very powerful image.