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Looking Through a New Lens

Hanging Up The Decorations

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Ahh, The weekend after Thanksgiving: Black Friday, countless football games, and decorating the house and tree for Christmas. This is the perfect time to start working on your candid shots. Does someone in your family like to decorate without anyone’s help? Well, then you can take pictures of them! With these pictures it’s important not only to get the wide shots to get the gist of the setting, but it’s also important to get tight shots of the details. These can be anything: the person’s hands, their face, or the decorations. It’s also good to get some artistic shots with low aperture. Also, I always find that taking pictures of the lights are the most fun and most frustrating because you have to get the shutter speed perfect to make sure that the lights aren’t too blown out of proportion. Hint: it’s also smart to steady your camera on a tripod. 

So get out there, have fun, and just don’t go overboard with the Christmas lights


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