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Looking Through a New Lens

Filters: A Great Investment

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When I say “filters” do you automatically think of Instagram? No, no, no, I’m not talking about those filters. I’m talking about these filters. These are filters that you attach onto your camera lens. I received one for Christmas last year: a neutral density filter. Now, what this does is it neutralizes harsh tones. Or in other words, it makes things darker and more prominent; kind of like sunglasses for your camera. Now, you could be wondering “why would I want to make things darker?” This allows you to use slower shutter speeds during lighter hours because it reduces the light that comes through to the lens. 

Filters are a great investment and they provide some really great outcomes to your photography. Just be careful when you use them (once I forgot that I had it on as the sun when down and my pictures really came out dark) 


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