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Pretty much every person on the face of the earth has a Facebook page. Okay, maybe not everyone but a majority of people do. Social networks are a great place to show photography. Everyone does is so why not make a business out of it. Although, personally, I think you should have an actual business to go along with it, not just someone who likes to take pictures and says that you have a business. 

But anyway, social networks are a great place to drum up some business. Now, I personally don’t have a business Facebook page because I still consider myself to be in the amateur category so once I do start a business later on after college, I will most likely do this. But from what I’ve seen, you can add any pictures onto the page and display them to the world (but it’s probably best to ask the subject’s permission before). It’s here that you can put up hours and rates. And because Facebook has a “related search” feature, anyone who likes photography may be able to see your business on the side of their page. 

I think that a social network is a good place for photographers to congregate and make some business, it’s probably something I’ll do in the future, again, once I do become a professional. 


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