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A Hurricane, Dorothy!

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As you all know Hurricane Sandy is a-comin! Weather fascinates us. I’m a weather junky. For some reason, I love learning about the weather. I would have liked to be a meteorologist (but then I learned you had to know calculus). Weather can give some great pictures. Have you ever gone to the Weather Channel online and looked through the galleries of snow storms and hurricanes? Sometimes it’s like a wreak on the highway. We want to look away, but we can’t. 

We love taking pictures of proof that a weather event happened, whether it’s 12 inches of snow, a rainbow, or, yes, a hurricane. It’s something that we find interesting because it’s something different that happens. And Hurricane Sandy is no different. It’s going to be a big deal this year because it’s a hurricane that’s colliding with a band of winter weather to create hurricane AND snow conditions. That’s just weird! “Frankenstorm” really fits. 

Anyway, those of you who are dealing with Hurricane Sandy, y’all are in my prayers and if you do decide to take pictures, be careful!


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