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Goin’ to the Farm

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Sometimes I wish I grew up on a farm. Living in the country now, it brings you back to a simpler time where rolling hills meet the mountain sides. Today, I visited a farm where a horse show was going on. I’ve always loved the way horses look and their expressions. Horses are some of the most majestic animals. They have many different expressions and use body language to communicate with you just like humans. I never grew up around horses but I have cousins who did and I have friends who did as well. I only spent a few hours with them but I would love to spend some more. However, photography involving horses, or anything involving horses, can be dangerous because they are large animals and they sometimes can be unpredictable. You have to know what to do and what not to do around a horse. I would recommend going with someone who knows a lot about horses. My friend whom I met with today knew a lot about horses and she even could tell me what would make good shots (she is also learning to be a photographer). One of the main things you have to think about is how much they move, hey, they’re animals. And what makes them look good!

Julia and Diamond


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