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A Town Worth A Thousand Pictures

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Today, my family and I went to a small town hidden in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina called Burnsville. Burnsville is pretty much your quintessential small town. It’s almost as if someone created a modern-day Mayberry or even a mountain Tree Hill. Now I say that this is a town to photograph because it is a beautiful little town complete with a real town square (I have never actually seen a real one before this). We happened to visit the town during the fall when the trees dotting the square have turned bright orange and yellow. This along with the old small town memorabilia provide the perfect backdrop for family pictures or even just photographs of your travels. All around the town are towering mountains that add to the majesty and small town feel of Burnsville.

As you can see, I have fallen for Burnsville. It’s a town that should be on every photographer’s travel list and every family’s outing list.


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