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Researching Your Camera

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Recently, I watched an episode of an old television show, “Sports Night.” In this particular episode, one of the main characters decided she wanted a very good and very expensive camera complete with a flash umbrella. The reason I bring this up is she had no idea how to even take a picture yet still decided to make such a huge investment in it. While it did give some laughs, it made me wonder how much you should research about a camera before you decide to invest in one. I, for one, spent hours looking up reviews and wondering which camera I should get before settling on a Nikon D3000. There are many websites committed to giving consumers reviews of any electronic such as However, the best way is probably to talk to someone who does what you would like to do and research what the camera does and how easy or hard it is. You can also go to stores such as Best Buy ad HH Gregg because they have professionals who know about electronics. If all else fails, this guide is a really good starting point for learning how to research. Or else you’ll end up like Dana from “Sports Night” and the camera will explode on you. Okay, maybe it won’t be that drastic.


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