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Looking Through a New Lens

Old Fashion Cameras

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Did you know that the SLR camera was first invented in 1861? SLR means single-lens reflex. Growing up, my grandparents owned an antique store and in that antique store was a room filled with old fashioned SLRs. The SLR camera became more and more widely used by the 20th century and today we still use SLRs but now they’re called DSLRs or digital SLRs. I’ve always wanted to take pictures with an old 1930s, 1940s SLR but my grandpa has sold all of his cameras. I think it would be fun to use an old SLR camera because today, we have the option of looking at our photos immediately after we take them because of camera cards. However, back then they used good old fashion film. It would present a cool challenge to take pictures and then see what they look like after you develop the film. This is yet another goal that I have for myself. 

If I continue these goals, I will most likely be broke. But hey, you have to start somewhere!


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