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Star Trailing

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The other day I wrote a post about my top goals for myself in photography. One of those on the list was star trailing. I decided to go a little bit further into what star trailing is. I learned what star trailing is a few months ago and have always wanted to try it since. Star trails are basically the trail a star leaves as it moves in the sky. Star trail photography does take a lot of time, as in hours. So you have to be very patient to do it. The reason I haven’t been doing it is because it is recommended to have a shutter release cable. If you don’t have this, like me, then you have to keep your finger on the shutter release the whole time which would not be fun. I’ve learned that the best thing to do for star trails is to find the north star so that the trails have a focal point. You can even use objects such as buildings to create a surreal photo. Obviously, it’s best to take these photos in rural areas where there is little light obscuring the light from the stars. You also want to take these photos when there is little moonlight.



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