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The Blue Hour

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As I said yesterday, I was going to do a post about “the blue hour.” The blue hour is right before sunrise and right after sunset. This is when the sky has a very rich blue tone and it’s not completely dark. I’ve never personally taken pictures during this time but I want to in the future and it will probably be one of my projects at some point. Shooting pictures at this time can give some really fantastic results. This is probably the best time to take urban pictures or even dramatic rural pictures. However, the “blue hour” is a little bit misleading because this time really only lasts about 30 minutes. So you have to work fast. There are all sorts of calculators online to show you when the  optimal time to take blue hour photos is. 

From what I’ve learned about it, it takes a bit of practice and a tripod. It should be fun to try it out and I can’t wait to do it! 


photo by Christopher Chan


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