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The Golden Hours of Photography

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photo by Allison Parrish

There’s something in the business of photography known as “the golden hours” This is basically the time of day when the sunlight has the best light. These are about an hour or two after sunrise and an hour or two before sunset. This is when the sun is at the best angles and provides the softest light. There are so many reasons to do photography in the the golden hours. In fact, this website gives you 10 very good reasons to shoot during these hours. It provides a lot of unique shots that you can only do in these times such as giving a soft “halo” effect. Such as in the picture shown above.

You can’t do this during the middle of the day because the sun is too high in the sky and causes harsh shadows around the subject. But that’s another post for another day.

There is also something called “the blue hour” but I, as a little preview, I’ll talk about that on my blog tomorrow.


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