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How Much Is Too Much?

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Ahh, the lifelong question of how much is too much. In this case, I’m talking about Photoshopping pictures. We see this all the time in magazines. Supermodels are “airbrushed” to make them appear flawless. This can pose many problems especially in teaching young girls about self image. Because of air brushing and photoshopping celebrities’ bodies, we are subliminally telling young girls that they should look like those celebrities and be perfect when in fact, they aren’t. We are putting them against a pedestal that is completely incorrect. 

Photoshopping can be used for anything such as making something disappear to making something appear. One of the latest scandals involving  excess photoshop is Star Magazine photoshopping Kate Middleton to make her appear pregnant and follow that action with a claim that she is having twins. 

Now I like photoshop. I like editing my photos…to an extent. I like editing my photos slightly to make them look better and have a larger impact but to physically alter a picture to where the result is completely different from the original, I think disrespects the photography community because they are only looking for a bigger story for more readers. 

Photoshop is good, but in moderation. 


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