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I’ve just come back from a volleyball game which influenced me to write a blog about sports photography. Sports photography can be very fun and at the same time aggravating. It takes a lot of skill and there are a lot of things to consider such as lighting, depth of field, and angles. gives a very good overview of the how-tos for sports photography.  You need to know about the sport because you need to get the perfect shot at the perfect time. For instance, in tennis, photographers need to know that they are not allowed to take pictures while the player is setting up a serve but they need to know the exact moment to take a shot in order to get the perfect serving shot. 

The right shots can give some very amazing photography. Your players can look like they’re flying through the air or doing moves only an acrobat should be able to do. I have only taken photos of football and baseball and only from the stands but one of my goals in life is to get down with the rest of the photographers right in the action at Wimbledon. My goal is to get a shot like the one below. 


Andy Murray at the 2012 US Open photo by Dan Istitene/Getty Images


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