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One of my favorite aspects of photography is how it pertains to another one of my favorite pastimes: television and movies. These are what are called promotional stills. This is one thing that I would love to do with my photography. If you are like me, and I’m not afraid to confess, you scour the internet looking for photos of upcoming episodes of your favorite show or movie. What’s so great about it is that it combines two of my favorite things: photography and television. Some websites even have entire sections just to show promotional stills. Some shows, such as Supernatural, have used these pictures to their advantage and gotten the fans involved on social networks where they host a “Caption-That” game on Facebook every week using various promotional stills from the show. 

Mario Perez was the still photographer on the TV show, Lost. His photos made it as promotional stills and even a magazine called “Lost: The Official Magazine.” One day, if would be my dream to have a job like Perez’s: getting to take photos of my favorite shows. 


Promotional Still of the “Lost” Pilot featuring Matthew Fox as Jack Shephard among the wreckage of Oceanic 815


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