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My Thoughts on Instagram

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I will honestly tell you, I am not a fan of Instagram. Instagram is a photo-sharing program that allows a member of the program to take pictures, instantly edit them, and then instantly upload them onto a social networking site. Hence, the “insta-” part of the word. For me, Instagram is degrading to photography. Sure, it’s good for people to get their photography out on social networks but just because someone has a camera on their phone doesn’t mean they know how to use it properly. Sometimes, it just makes me darn near cringe. As a future photographer, I like to take time to actually edit photos and take time to assess what my photos are going to look like when they are finished. Instagram, I feel like, stifles creativity of the users because you are just one click away from an edited photo that looks awful and the same to everyone else’s Insta-photo (I am coining this word). I feel like if you’ve seen one Insta-photo, you’ve seen them all. Maybe this is just me but there are some other people who think that Instagram is degrading to photography. Just ask Kate Bevan of The Guardian who agrees that every picture looks the same. On another note, if you want a photo to look old school? Just go with old school roll film. That’s my motto.


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